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We actively manage investments and advise professionals and people who are financially independent, so they can make smart financial choices and focus on what’s most important to them.

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Wealth Managers Scott Manley, Elaine Manley Founder and Linda Tjiputra

Who We Are:

  • 3 Wealth Managers with 5 Support Staff

  • Fiduciaries

  • Industry Leading Technology

  • Based in Silicon Valley

What We Do:

  • Deliver Advanced Planning

  • Actively Manage Portfolios

  • Strategically Mitigate Taxes

  • Preserve Wealth and Care for Heirs

  • Maximize Charitable Impact

<strong>Elaine Recognized as a &#8220;2022 Women of Influence of Silicon Valley&#8221;!</strong>

Elaine Recognized as a “2022 Women of Influence of Silicon Valley”!

The Silicon Valley Business Journal selected Elaine as one of their 2022 Women of Influence!  The women selected are leaders of companies and institutions from many different industries in Silicon Valley, and Elaine was the only Wealth Manager selected in the group this year! 

This award recognizes women who are established business leaders, with a strong record of innovation in their fields, outstanding performance in their businesses and a clear track record of meaningful community involvement. These Women have made a difference in their communities, blazed a trail for the rest of us and are leaving a mark in Silicon Valley.

Congratulations Elaine!  We are very proud of you!

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<p class="">How Concerned Should I Be About Inflation?

How Concerned Should I Be About Inflation?

Fed Chairman, Jerome Powell, has stated that it is a top priority of the Federal Reserve to reduce inflation. Let’s explore the issues caused by high inflation and you can consider how concerned should you be about inflation.

Are We in a Recession?

Are We in a Recession?

An important question many people are asking is “Are we in a recession?” We will discuss this topic with graphs and information on the state of the economy. Regardless of the technical definition of a recession - you be the judge.

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Are I Bonds Right for Me?

Are I Bonds Right for Me?

I bonds are issued by the US Federal Government and are currently paying 9.62%. Can this be true? Yes, it is! In this article we will cover details including the pros and cons to see if I bonds may be right for you.

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Utilizing a Professional Fiduciary and Finding Care Solutions

Utilizing a Professional Fiduciary and Finding Care Solutions

Webinar replay from Part 2 of our series with recorded presentations on the role of a Professional Fiduciary and finding the right care solutions for aging family members.

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 We Believe Every Journey Needs a Plan

Our Long-Term Relationships Build Trust with Our Clients

We are here to help our clients make smart decisions including mitigating taxes, preserving wealth, simplifying the transfer to heirs, and optimizing their impact on the causes important to them. Let’s talk and see if we are the right fit for each other.

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