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2023 Photo Contest - Capture Your Adventure!

Capture Your Adventure - FJP 2023 Photo Contest!

Your life is your personal adventure! We hope you create some incredible memories!

Now is the time to enjoy the journey doing what brings you joy - wherever that journey takes you!

Enter as often as you like Memorial Day through Labor Day!

Enjoy the Journey and Capture it in Photos that will Last a Lifetime

It’s that special time of year again and time to enjoy the good weather and go out on your next adventure! Be sure to bring your camera along to capture your journey and send us your best photos to share with everyone in this year’s FJP Photo Contest Memorial Day to Labor Day!

The FJP Photo Contest has become something our clients and employees look forward to every year. Send us your best photos and you could become a finalist, or even better, have your photos on the 2024 calendar. As in previous years, we will have photo winners in 3 categories:  Nature, Animals, and Other.

We put the 12 best photos of nature and beautiful landscapes in the FJP annual calendar. If you want to see your photo on next year’s calendar, here are a few suggestions:

  • Capture the view – Watch for big, beautiful scenic landscapes
  • Consider photos with lots of bright colors – Wow us with deep blue water or sky, and bright orange and red sunsets
  • Take your photos in landscape mode – More calendar ready!
  • Take two photos – One with just scenic nature and the second for your memory book with people in them
  • Look for something unique – We all want to share something special with you
  • Construct the photo composition to make it pop – change your angle to get a better perspective – good advice for life too 😊

The winner of the Nature category will receive a canvas of your photo for your home. We will also put your photo on the wall in our conference room with past annual winners. Past winners in the Animals category have been cute and unusual animals but your family’s best buddies can also become a finalist. We also have an Other category for those unusual and interesting photos that don’t fit in the Nature or Animals categories.

As in past years, the FJP team will pick the 5 finalist pictures in each category and a survey will be sent in September to all our clients to select the winning photo in each category. The winners will be announced at our Client Appreciation Halloween Party on October 19, 2023!

Contest Details

Contest Details

We've got all the 2023 Photo Contest Details covered!


  • Contest begins Memorial Day through Labor Day 2023
  • Voting will take place during the month of September
  • Winners will be announced at the Financial Journey Partners Client Appreciation Event  on October 19, 2023!


  • Participants can contribute as many photos as they like
  • Winners must be a current client as of date winners are announced


  • Clients will be given opportunity to vote on photo finalists to select winning photos
  • Prizes will be awarded for first second and third place with only one prize per submitter household 

Thank You to Our 2022 Contest Participants!

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