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We believe you deserve more than an advisor. You deserve a trustworthy partner that helps you in all areas of your life giving you more confidence, with less stress so you can enjoy the journey. We help successful individuals have the confidence and peace of mind to achieve more than they ever thought was possible. You can learn more about Financial Journey Partners with the frequently asked questions below.

  • We are known for helping our clients make smart financial decisions so they can do the things most important to them and enjoy the journey.

  • We directly manage the investments for our clients to ensure these investments are aligned with their goals and risk level and market risks. But we also do far more for our clients. We help our clients make smart decisions in a variety of areas of their life. For clients at or near retirement, this includes questions such as when to retire, where to live when retired, how to have income during retirement and when to take Social Security. For our younger clients, we help them with questions, including how to fund their kid's education and how best to make major purchases.

  • We collaborate with our clients to help them establish their personal and financial goals. This includes prioritizing the relationships and experiences that are most important to them. By proactively planning for key financial decisions, our clients can look ahead for the possibility of enhancing the timeline of their objectives and achieving their goals sooner than they thought was possible.

  • In our decades of experience, we have seen people successfully save for retirement, and accumulate enough wealth to reach financial independence and retire. Some of these people were so focused on saving for retirement, they did not do what was important to them along the way, saying they will do it later when they are ready. Then later, they had health issues or passed away and were unable to do some of the things that were important to them. We believe it is important for our clients, and ourselves, to take the time to enjoy the journey along the way. We have multiple fun events for our clients and an annual photo contest for our clients to share their favorite photos from their journey.

  • Years ago when we first started looking for a company name, we wanted a name that described what we do and who we are. We wanted the word journey in our name. It represents the long-term relationship we have with our clients, that lasts for many years. Our clients told us they liked the word Financial in our name. We considered Financial Journey Advisors. But believe our clients deserve more than an advisor. We finally selected our name to be Financial Journey Partners, because we believe our clients deserve a trusted partner that has a long-term relationship with them on the journey of their life.

  • Many people that work today for mutual fund companies, banks and insurance companies call themselves financial advisors. A financial advisor generally helps their clients invest their money. We are Wealth Managers at Financial Journey Partners. In addition to actively managing the investments of our clients, we assist our clients in many other areas, including tax mitigation, cash-flow planning, and maximizing their charitable impact. We also help our clients protect their wealth by making the process go smoothly with their heirs during those difficult times. We coordinate the services of a network of carefully selected professionals to form a team that can help our clients through major transitions in their life and with a wide range of needs.

  • Many advisors that work for mutual fund companies, banks and insurance companies help people invest their money. But their employers may also ask their advisors to sell the products of the company. For example, banks pay advisors of the company to ask clients to open bank accounts or insurance companies pay their advisors to sell insurance products from the company. This creates a conflict of interest for the advisors.

    In the financial services industry, a person or business that assumes a fiduciary duty is obligated to put the client's interests first when making investment decisions for them. At Financial Journey Partners, we started our own company to be independent of product companies, and be fiduciaries and we always put the interests of our clients first.

  • We actively manage investments for our clients in a discretionary manner. This means we may increase equity positions or become more defensive based on our analysis without contacting clients in advance of making trades. We are not a buy-and-hold firm, and we will actively look for opportunities, as well as do our best to preserve the wealth our clients have accumulated.

    We use a risk tolerance survey and discussion with our clients to understand the risk tolerance of each client. For more conservative clients, we will do our best to protect their wealth and then looks for ways to grow their investments. For more aggressive clients, we will focus more on growing their investments, therefore the portfolio values are likely to fluctuate more than conservative investors.

    The investment research and trading for our client's portfolios is done directly by the FJP team. Each Wealth Manager works directly with their clients to select the portfolio that is best for them based on their risk tolerance and priorities.

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