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Professional Women

Women on the Rise - Conquering Unique Retirement Challenges

Financial success is a goal for many, but women face unique barriers that can make that goal more difficult to achieve. Understanding today’s financial landscape can help women rise to the challenge, know their worth, and take control of their futures.

Women on the Rise Infographic - Daunting Realities - Enormous Potential - Increasing Impact Support for the Journey

While we can’t create economic equality overnight, we can help make sure every woman is fully equipped, supported, and prepared to pursue her own unique goals. Let’s get to work, together.

Professional Women Today Face a Variety of Challenges

Professional Women Today Face a Variety of Challenges

  • Balancing care for children and parents, while building a successful career at work
  • Planning for retirement
  • Choosing when to start Social Security
  • Creating an estate plan for the family
  • Providing college funding for your children
  • Selecting the right life insurance to protect your family
  • Planning for long term care for you and your parents
  • Managing your investments during these times of turbulent headlines
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How to Conquer the World

How to Conquer the World

Whether you are just starting our, have a well established financial strategy or are already enjoying retirement, keep these 5 financial strategies in mind:
► Build an Emergency Fund
► Protect Your Assets
► Never Stop Learning
► Consider Investing Differently
► Prepare Your Legacy

We want to see you conquer the world with a savvy financial strategy!

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We Provide the Solutions and Services Uniquely Designed for Professional Women

  • Working with you to identify your financial goals
  • Comprehensive financial planning to help you achieve your goals
  • Help analyze benefits packages 
  • When changing jobs or careers, assist evaluating opportunities and benefits
  • Investment management
  • Life and long term care insurance

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Client Journeys

Professional Woman Financial Advisor RelationshipA professional woman retired some years ago after a long and successful career in Human Resources at a variety of companies. Her previous advisors made her feel bad about asking questions. She was able to relate well to a financial advisor that is also a professional woman that runs her own business and has raised children. When she had her 70th birthday party, she invited the most important people in her life, her best friends, family and her financial advisor.

It was important to her financial advisor to provide her with holistic guidance and the clear explanations whenever she has questions. To help her organize her financial life, her financial advisor came to her house and helped her go through old financial documents to decide which ones she could discard and shred. As part of her financial plan, she helped fund her grandchildren’s college education. It is very important to her that she has a financial advisor she can confide in and trust.

Professional Woman Investment Education

A professional woman works at a large tech company in Silicon Valley. She is a widow. She wants financial guidance and help managing her investments. She had never done a financial plan until she started working with us a few years ago. She worked with her financial advisor and created a plan that showed she was on track for retirement.

Her advisor has taught her about investments and how the stock market works. A review of her life insurance policies enabled her to have a strategy for the policies she has had for decades. She is implementing her financial plan, plans to retire within the next year and feels more confident about the future.

The stories provided are representative of client experiences to illustrate the services provided by Financial Journey Partners.
These stories do not reflect specific opinions or endorsements of any clients and should not be interpreted as such.

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