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Partners in Your Financial Journey®

We see ourselves as your long-term partner in your journey as you travel through the financial decisions of your life. We believe we do things differently than others in our industry, so our name clearly articulates that.

Our logo includes mountains and a winding road to symbolize the journey that people take through life which can sometimes include twists and turns. We added the sun to symbolize moving toward a brighter future.

One of our favorite phrases is that it is important to "Enjoy the Journey". We encourage clients to enjoy life, not just save for retirement. To learn more about Financial Journey Partners visit our FAQ page.

We are committed to a high level of service

➤ We are a team of 3 experienced Wealth Managers that believe in active money management with a wide range of investment options available for clients. We have 5 additional team members to provide a high level of service for our clients. 

Meet your Wealth Management team at Financial Journey Partners

➤ We have partnered with Fidelity Custody and Clearing as the custodian for client accounts. As one of the largest and most respected companies in our industry. Fidelity has a huge amount of resources that they can provide us so we can take what we do for clients to the next level.

➤ We have been big fans of the software we use for financial planning and client portal from eMoney Advisor. When Fidelity purchased them a few years ago, we paid attention to how they were collaborating. It aligned with how we want to do business. 

➤ We selected Mutual Advisors as our Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm. They support independent advisor teams such as ours, by providing technology integration, regulatory and compliance services.

➤ We now offer a variety of new benefits, including new products and services. With streamlined processes and forms, we think clients will find it much easier to do business with us.

➤ We believe we have selected some of the best technology vendors in the industry. Our clients enjoy a single portal to view all their financial accounts, investment account statements and performance reports in one place.