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We believe every journey needs a plan. 

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We want to be your partner on your financial journey!

We are a team of three experienced advisors, with five additional team members dedicated to providing the best experience we can for our clients.  We have chosen a more independent route, not part of a bank, mutual fund or insurance company, so we can put the needs of our clients first.

We believe in providing comprehensive financial planning for our clients, using software from eMoney Advisor, who we believe is a leader in the industry.  Clients have a portal with single sign on where they can see in one place their bank balances, investment accounts, monthly statements, financial planning and much more.  Our goal is to use the great technology in the industry to provide the best experience we can for our clients. 

Start your journey with us today.  Use this link to "Start Your Journey", or with the button above.  You can also use this link to complete a Risk Free Analysis  to help us work with you to design a portfolio based on your needs.

How do we help our clients?

We start by understanding the goals of our clients.  Then we create and implement a comprehensive financial plan that is unique to them.

What is active management of investments?

We add more equities in strong markets and become more defensive in weak markets.

Are the advisors Fiduciaries?

Yes.  Elaine Manley, Scott Manley and Linda Tjiputra are Fiduciaries.  We are ethically bound to act in our client's best interest.

Who is an ideal client?

We partner long-term with higher income individuals and families accumulating assets as well as those at or near retirement, managing their investments based on their financial plan.

Why is our office design unique?

We provide an optimal experience based on client needs.  We have a Café, Living Room and offices designed for their comfort.  Explore our unique office design for yourself.

What do we expect from our clients?

We expect our clients to be engaged in the financial planning process and implement the agreed upon action items.  They work with us in a courteous and respectful way and we do the same with them.

COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Resources

With the coronavirus, the news is changing daily. We work hard to stay up to date on news to understand how this could affect the economy, the stock market, and present investment opportunities. 

Our COVID-19 Resources page can help you stay up to date with our curated references to government data and policies as well as our journal of weekly emails chronicling our shared experience.

It is Summer Photo Contest Time!

It is Summer Photo Contest Time!

There are new places to explore and familiar ones to rediscover. It is time to enjoy the summer! 

Whatever brings you joy as you enjoy your journey. We look forward to seeing photos and hearing stories, of your summer adventures. 

We invite you to share your experiences in our 2020 Summer Photo Contest! Of course there will be prizes!

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Enjoying the Journey Newsletter

Enjoying the Journey Newsletter

The April 2020 edition of the Enjoying The Journey Newsletter is here! In this edition of our newsletter you will learn about:

  • Stock Market Update
  • How to Stay Safe from the Coronavirus
  • IRS Rules Changes Due to the Coronavirus
  • The CARES Act Passes into Law
  • Completing the US Census
  • New Events Calendar

If there is anything we can do to help you, please call at 408-963-2858, or your advisor ElaineScott or Linda, or anyone on the Financial Journey team directly. 

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Are Your Ready to Cut the Cord?

Are Your Ready to Cut the Cord?

We cut the cord. Should you? 

Entertainment services can occupy a big portion of your monthly expenses. You should have what you enjoy, but are you getting the return on investment you expect?

It might be time to do a thorough review of your live TV and streaming services. Our owner did and they decided to “cut the cord” and are no longer subscribing to a satellite or cable system.

Learn more about what they chose for their services to see if it might be time for you to give this a try and possibly save some money.

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Time to Review Your Retirement Plan Contribution

Time to Review Your Retirement Plan Contribution

It's a new year! Did you know your retirement plan contribution limits are changing in 2020?

The IRS announced that the maximum contribution limits are rising in 2020 for some retirement accounts.

  • Traditional IRA annual maximum contribution limit stays at $6,000.
  • 401k annual maximum contribution limit increases from $19,000 to $19,500.
  • The Catch-up Provision for people 50 and over is $1,000 for IRAs and $6,500 for 401ks and other employer plans.
  • The annual income limits to be eligible to contribute pretax to a Traditional IRA and post-tax to a Roth IRA also changed.

Download our Retirement Plan Contribution Chart and contact your advisor to discuss.

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Sign Up for our eMoney Best Practice Tips

Sign Up for our eMoney Best Practice Tips

In our annual survey our clients told us they wanted to have more information on their personal Client Portal. We want you to master the portal too.

We will be sending eMoney Best Practice tips monthly to those interested. 

Contact us to join our eMoney tips email distribution list. 

Have questions now or need help getting access? Give Jennifer a call at 408-963-2884 and she can help you through it.

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Our Services

At Financial Journey Partners, we see ourselves as your long term partner as you travel through each and every financial decision you make in your life, from college planning to retirement planning. Along the way, no experience is too small to be worthy of consideration, whether it is deciding to buy or lease a car or which job offer to accept.

We believe that each client is unique and should have a comprehensive financial plan that is customized to their journey. Our services are available for wherever you are in your journey.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

  • Financial Goal Setting
  • Goal Funding
  • Net Worth Review
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Retirement Planning
  • Life Planning
  • Large Purchase Consulting
  • Financial Beginnings
  • Education Planning

Risk Management & Insurance

  • Emergency Reserves
  • Risk Tolerance Analysis
  • Life Insurance Analysis
  • Life Insurance Policies
  • Survivor Planning
  • Long Term Care Planning & Insurance
  • Medicare Supplement Insurance
  • Employee Benefit Review

Active Management of Assets

  • Active Management of Assets
  • Retirement Accounts
  • Non-Retirement Accounts
  • Required Minimum Distribution Completion
  • Monthly Contributions and Distributions
  • Stock Options, Restricted Stock Units Analysis and Strategy
  • Income Generation

Estate & Tax Coordination

  • Coordination with Estate Planning Attorney to complete Power of Attorney, Trusts, Health Directive and more.

  •  Coordination with CPA for tax planning to diversify company stock and more.

  • Secure Vault to Share Documents

Financial Journey Partners Client Portal

Set up your own personalized website to view your investment accounts, access your brokerage statements and track your spending all on one site. Learn more about the exciting features and benefits we have available for our clients.

View Introduction Video

View Introduction Video

Clients of Financial Journey Partners have access to a personal financial website that allows them to manage their financial accounts, budgets and plans as well as utilize the secure vault to organize important documents and share with trusted partners.  

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View Security Video

View Security Video

Cyber security a top priority for Financial Journey Partners and that’s why we employ advanced security protocols on your personal financial website to safeguard your information and provide a reliable tool our clients can trust.

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