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Balancing Demanding Work, Time with Friends, Growing Families and Aging Parents Can be a Tough Challenge

Balancing Demanding Work, Time with Friends, Growing Families and Aging Parents Can be a Tough Challenge

Since we are located in Silicon Valley, we work with young professionals with well-paying jobs that sometimes offer significant stock options. Some clients are also both working parents with high-paying jobs.

This group is sometimes called the sandwiched generation because they are in the middle of caring for their children, working demanding full-time jobs, and caring for elderly parents. All these demands on time can sometimes be overwhelming. We work with these clients to create a comprehensive financial plan that balances these many demands on time and financial resources. We help them define their financial goals, establish a budget, save for retirement, plan for their kid's education, acquire the right type and amount of life insurance, develop an estate plan and more.

We have decades of experience helping families in Silicon Valley. With three experienced Wealth Managers and five additional support staff, we are here to help you so you can focus on the things in your life that are most important to you.

Check Your Retirement Contribution Limits

Check Your Retirement Contribution Limits

During the working phase of life, it is important to save for retirement using the type of retirement accounts that are best for your situation. Remember there are different rules for qualifying to use retirement accounts through your employer versus individual retirement accounts that you can use outside of work.

We provide this free download with no need to register either. We want everyone to have the information to take full advantage of their 401K and IRAs. Now is a perfect time to adjust your contributions, which will be a gift later in life. 

If you have questions on which is best for you, contact us to discuss this further.

Changing Jobs - Are you Ready?

Changing Jobs - Are you Ready?

You may be changing jobs voluntarily, or you’ve received an offer for a severance package or have been selected for workforce reduction. This can be a challenging and uncertain time, whether it’s a change you hoped for or feared.

Let our team of experienced Wealth Managers guide you through this transition. With decades of experience navigating economic downturns and assisting clients from Silicon Valley and many other companies, we are here to support you.

We can help you with this decision process – by using our comprehensive financial planning process to look at different scenarios, we can help guide you to make the decisions that are the best for you to achieve the future you have in mind for yourself and your family.

Young High Earning Professionals Face Many Challenges that Include:

  • Education planning for their children
  • Healthcare for their elderly parents
  • Saving for their retirement
  • When to exercise RSU stock options and the tax implications
  • Protecting their loved ones if they pass away unexpectedly

We Provide the Tools and Services to Manage Your Money and Risk for Growth

  • Comprehensive financial planning
  • Cash flow and budgeting
  • Personal portal to manage and monitor spending
  • Retirement savings accounts and money management
  • Life insurance and emergency fund planning

Come to Our Events to Learn More About Key Financial Topics

Upcoming Events:

  • Are you ready to enjoy your journey and travel more? Join us for our Essential Tips for Travel Webinar on Thursday, July 18th, at 5:00 PM Pacific, with travel agent and special guest speaker Jeff Rupert.

Past Event Materials:  Many of our events are recorded so you can view our past events and reference the material just when you need it including:

  • 7 Lessons You Never Learn in School
  • Reducing Taxes Before & After Retirement
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • and more! 

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Real Client Stories

Financial Advisor Budgeting Client JourneyA couple lives in Silicon Valley. One works for a large tech company and the other has her own business. They wanted help from their Wealth Manager with managing their investments so they could freely put their attention on their work and other personal interests.

Their Wealth Manager helped them create a budget so they could understand and control their spending and actively manages their investments, as well as guides them through the challenging part of life where they are financially helping their older parents.

Setting Financial Goals with Financial Advisor Client Journey

A married couple lives in Silicon Valley and has a successful small business. In addition, they split time between raising their young children and helping their elderly parents. This leaves very little time for them to manage their own finances and investments.

Their Wealth Manager worked with them to identify their financial goals and create a comprehensive financial plan. Having their Wealth Manager manage their investments allows them to spend their time and attention on the other important areas of their life.

The stories provided are representative of client experiences to illustrate the services provided by Financial Journey Partners.
These stories do not reflect specific opinions or endorsements of any clients and should not be interpreted as such.