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Alaska Adventure: Welcome Aboard Meeting

Alaska Adventure: Welcome Aboard Meeting

September 20, 2023

The Welcome Aboard Zoom Meeting was held on Monday, September 18! The replay is captured here for those planning to take the Ultimate Alaska Adventure in July 2025! The trip is intended for FJP clients and anyone they want to invite. 

All of the information about the trip, including any updates along the way, will be posted on our FJP Alaska Adventure webpage.

Welcome Aboard!

Discussion with FJP Ultimate Alaska Adventure Group!

  • The itinerary and timing of activities to plan for this trip
  • Explain how and when the final payment is due
  • Booking flights when it is time
  • Introduction for first-time cruises, or first-time cruisers on Princess
  • How and when to select shore excursions
  • Additional 1 or more nights in Anchorage for those that are interested
  • Meal plan for the lodges
  • Travel insurance
  • General Q&A for any other questions

Press Play Below to View Welcome Aboard Zoom Meeting - September 15, 2023!

As a reminder, If you have any specific questions about your booking for this trip or about Princess, you can reach Jeff directly at 650-245-9614 or by email at


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