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Celebrating Financial Journey Partners’ 5th Anniversary!

Celebrating Financial Journey Partners’ 5th Anniversary!

August 25, 2023

We are celebrating our 5th Anniversary for Financial Journey Partners. It has been inspiring and rewarding to apply our decades of experience to build a firm with the central focus being the needs of our clients. We started this firm with our amazing team in August 2018. We created a firm known for helping our clients make smart decisions so they can do the most important things to them and enjoy the journey. Let’s look back at the highlights of the past 5 years and then look ahead to the future.

The past 5 years have been unusually challenging in the U.S. stock market, which included three market corrections of more than 20%. There was a global pandemic in early 2020 that shut down the economies around the world. Inflation soared to over 9% in the US in 2022 and was even higher in other countries. On the positive side, the US stock market has also had strong rallies after these drops.

When we started this firm, we aimed to partner with the best firms in the industry. When we started Financial Journey Partners, we successfully transitioned all client accounts to Fidelity as our custodian, and they have been a fantastic partner. We have built strong partnerships with some of the best investment companies in the industry, including BlackRock, Invesco, State Street, PIMCO, Guggenheim, and others.

By starting a new company, we were able to evaluate and implement the best technology we could find in the industry so we could provide the best possible experience for our clients. We designed and built a different type of office to improve the client experience by including a Café and Living Room instead of a reception area and break room.

Thank You for Sharing Our Journey!

One of our core values is enjoying the journey along the way, for our clients and team. We have had educational events on the economy, keeping your brain healthy, senior care, Medicare, emergency preparedness, how to reduce taxes and more. We’ve had fun events, including happy hours and tailgates with 49ers games. We held our annual client appreciation event at a winery and had a holiday dinner party at the Silicon Valley Capital Club.

There are so many amazing things ahead that we’re just getting started. We are evaluating adding new technologies. There will be more educational events on important topics for our clients. Plus, we are already planning various fun events over the next few years to help our clients enjoy the journey. We are also excited to launch our first book later this year.

We are honored by your trust in us to keep your money aligned with your goals and dreams and we love to encourage you to enjoy the journey along the way. Our partnership with you is built on trust, collaboration, and fun. We appreciate you and we’re excited about the future.  


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Our Financial Journey Partners office is based in San Jose, California. We have clients that live in many states across the country. If you have questions about your investments or financial situation, call us to schedule time to talk about your specific situation.

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