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Celebrating Ingalill’s Retirement

Celebrating Ingalill’s Retirement

June 03, 2021

Finding a way to live our best lives is the ultimate goal for all of us and for many that involves a healthy and happy retirement. That is what we wish for our colleague Ingalill who is our first Financial Journey Partners team member to retire!

In this blog we'll let you know more about Ingalill's plans but also her personal journey to this major milestone!

We are also looking for a dedicated person to fill Ingalill's shoes! Reach out if you have just the right candidate! We'd love to talk with them!

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Celebrating Ingalill’s Retirement

As many of you may already know, Ingalill on our team, is from Sweden. She is looking forward to traveling there to visit with her family and friends and has decided she would prefer to not worry about a return date. Therefore, Ingalill will be retiring on June 15, 2021.

We work hard every day to help our clients reach their goals, including retiring, and take great pleasure knowing we have also worked to help Ingalill reach her financial goal of retirement. We all wish her happiness and success as she enters the next phase of her life.

You have likely talked with her many times, as she is the friendly voice clients have come to appreciate when calling our office. Ingalill schedules client appointments and assists clients when they call with questions. We thought you might enjoy learning more about her background and her plans for the future.

Ingalill was Born in a Small Town in Sweden

Ingalill was born in the small town of Uddevalla, along the western coast of Sweden. It is about a 90-minute drive south of Oslo, the capital of Norway.

Ingalill also spent part of her youth in Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden and Stromstad, which is located between Uddevalla and Oslo.

In 1988, Ingalill came to visit a friend in Portland, Oregon, and decided to stay. That is where she met the love of her live, John Van Meter. They had the choice in 1992 to move to the Bay Area or Texas, for job opportunities. Fortunately for us, they chose to move to San Jose.

In 1995, a good friend of hers was working at Waddell & Reed and told her there was a position available. Ingalill started working for several different advisors and we have been very grateful she chose to join our team in 2014. Since that time, she has been an important part of the Financial Journey Partners team and likely the person you talk with when you call our office.

Celebrating Retirement

Ingalill’s last day of work is June 15, 2021. She has the honor of being the first team member at Financial Journey Partners to retire. We are very happy we were able to help her reach her financial goal.

Recently, the Financial Journey Partners team celebrated Ingalill’s retirement with a fun day at the new Top Golf in San Jose.

Ingalill is looking forward to spending more time with her brothers and sisters, extended family, and friends in Sweden. Most of them are living on the Swedish west coast, which has a wonderful archipelago and is a perfect place for summer visits. She is also looking forward to golfing, hiking and while in the USA, singing in a Swedish choir.

Thanks for everything Ingalill – and we wish you a very happy and healthy retirement!

Do You Know Someone Who Can Fill Her Shoes?

We are currently looking to hire a new person to replace Ingalill and join our FJP team!

We would appreciate you introducing us to those you think would be a great fit for this position. We want someone that you would enjoy talking to when you call us, and like Ingalill has done, someone that has good attention to detail, and considers client needs their first priority. (Remember, they could be helping you down the road with your financial transactions!) 😊

Give us a call if you want to learn more about the qualifications for this client-first position or have someone in mind. In the meantime, the entire FJP team is still here to help you.


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