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Emergency Preparedness Webinar On Demand

Emergency Preparedness Webinar On Demand

July 22, 2021

View our Recorded Emergency Preparedness Webinar On Demand

How to Prepare for Earthquake, Wildfire, Flood and Landslide Emergencies

5 Key Takeaways in this Video:

1. Preparation is Critical:

  • Build a Survival Kit
  • Plan for Food and Water for 2 Weeks!
  • Include the Basic Necessities from Blankets to Solar Chargers
  • Add Essential Items for your Family like Medication and Toys
  • Make a Plan for Your Family
  • Clients can Use the Vault for Key Documents and Photos, etc.

2.  Assess Home, Environment and Survival Kits Regularly 

3.  Follow Evacuation Orders

4.  Self Reliance is Key

5.  Document Belongings Before and Your Damage After

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Are Your Prepared for the Next Natural Disaster?

Our thanks to Quake Kare for their expertise to train us on how to prepare for and survive earthquakes, wildfires, floods and landslides. These are natural disasters that especially impact our clients in California and neighboring states.

Our recorded Emergency Preparedness Webinar gives you the basic knowledge and explores disaster preparedness kits. If you viewed the webinar and are interested in how to get a kit visit for many options. Email us and we'd be happy to extend our special discount code for webinar participants and we'd love to hear from you on what you thought about the webinar.


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