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Key Features of Your Client Portal

Key Features of Your Client Portal

February 06, 2020

Earlier this year, we had a client seminar to share some of the key features of your personal portal. This is a summary of the information we shared during the seminar.

Bookmark Your Client Portal Login Page

You can access your Client Portal by going to:

  • Select the green “Client Login” button in the upper right.
  • Select the button “Access Your Client Portal”

Create a bookmark or favorite this login page to make it easy and fast to return in the future.

Client Portal Tip of the Month

When you select the “Client Login” button on our home page, you will find the tip of the month for using your client portal. At the bottom of this page, you can also join the email list to have this tip emailed to you monthly.

Add to Home Screen on your Phone

You can create an icon on your smart phone to make it easy to access your client portal. The pictures below show the steps to add an icon to an iPhone. There is a similar process for Android phones. You will be asked to add a pass-code to open the app on your phone.

Forgot Your Password?

You can reset your password if needed. On the login page, just below the Sign In button, there is a place for you to reset your password. Select the link “Forgot your password?” and an email will be sent to you with instructions.

Why Did the Top Menu Disappear?

Your client portal has a menu bar that includes Home, Organizer, Goals, Spending, Investments, Vault and Reports. In some cases, this menu may not be at the top of the page and instead there is a Menu button. This means that zoom is set so high on your browser that the full menu has disappeared and it has been replaced by the Menu button. To fix this, simply reduce the zoom on your browser.

Customize Your Home Page

You can customize the layout of the Net Worth and Investments sections of your home page. This is done by selecting the settings gear in the upper right corner of either of these boxes.

Directly Connecting Financial Accounts

We strongly recommend that you directly connect each of your financial accounts to your client portal so that they will automatically update their values every night. This enables your client portal to have account values that are up-to-date. If you have questions or need help with this, please give Jennifer a call at 408-963-2884 and she will be happy to help you. 

Monitor Your Spending

If you have your bank accounts and credit cards directly connected to your client portal, the spending transactions will be updated every evening. This will enable you to monitor and track your spending. This is important for several reasons.

  • By watching your spending transactions in your client portal, you will see if there are fraudulent charges and you can quickly respond to get them voided.
  • When a history is built in your client portal, we can use this spending data in your financial plan and it can make your financial plan more accurate than using estimates.
  • You can monitor and track your spending against goals you set.

If you would like help with the setup or monitoring of your spending, give Jennifer a call and she can help you make sure you have everything set up properly in your client portal.

Using the Vault

The vault is a safe and secure place for you to find the monthly Brokerage Statements and Quarterly Performance statements for your accounts. In the Shared Documents folder, we will be able to upload and download documents. We will add documents to the Shared Documents folder to your vault, such as forms to sign and PDFs of your financial plan. We recommend you create a folder for personal documents, such as Driver’s License, Passport and credit cards so you have easy access to them for emergency situations, such as them getting stolen while traveling. In the My Documents folder, any document you place in this folder will be view-able by you, but not by us. 

Sharing the Vault with Your Tax Preparer or Estate Attorney

We can help you set up a folder and then share that one folder with your Tax Preparer or Estate Attorney. This creates a safe and secure location to share documents among you, us and your Tax Preparer and Estate Attorney. We think this feature can be a big-time saver for everyone and we encourage you to take advantage of it. We would be happy to help you set this up with your professionals.

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