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State of the Economy Webinar Replay

State of the Economy Webinar Replay

February 02, 2022

Do you think the US economy will get better in 2022? View our webinar replay where we discuss the state of the economy with Maria Giraldo, CFA, Managing Director, Macroeconomics & Investment Research, of Guggenheim Partners, as our special guest speaker.

We discuss several economic factors like inflation, consumer spending, interest rates, residential real estate, employment, the travel & entertainment industry and much more.

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We discuss many aspects of the Economy including:

State of the Economy Webinar Replay with Maria Giraldo of Guggenheim

  • Inflation – While it is the highest in decades, will it continue?
  • Consumer Spending – Will it stay strong through the year?
  • Interest Rates – When and how much will the Federal Reserve raise interest rates?
  • Residential Real Estate – After the big jump in housing prices in 2021, where do they go from here?
  • Employment – Will businesses continue to struggle to fill open positions next year?
  • Travel & Entertainment – Will these industries grow as the economy continues to reopen?
  • And Much More ..

4 Key Takeaways in this Video:

  • Most consumers exited the pandemic in good financial condition
  • The US economy is doing well and expected to be strong again in 2022
  • Inflation is a top concern and will be addressed by the Federal Reserve this year
  • Interest rates are going up in 2022

Get the pulse on the 2022 Economy with an expert special guest speaker: Maria Giraldo, CFA, Managing Director, Macroeconomics & Investment Research, of Guggenheim Partners

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Our thanks to Maria Giraldo and the Guggenheim Partners team for their expertise and time to present their view on the US economy and our discussion questions.    

Financial Journey Partners Economic Outlook for 2022

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As we’re nearing the 2-year mark of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are plenty of concerns, as well as positive items in the news about the outlook for the economy.

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  • Plenty of Concerns with Inflation as a Top Issue
  • Looking at the Economic Bright Side

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