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Enjoy The Journey

There is a great abundance of things to do, yet when we talk with many clients, they often are unsure of how to spend their time. We understand it is hard to get motivated when work is demanding, there are many family commitments and when retired your time management and sense of purpose adjusts. We aspire for you to enjoy the journey of accomplishing big goals but also smaller moments. Some take more planning and financial commitment and others can be right in your backyard.

We’ve collected some options for all of us to consider to “Enjoy the Journey”. We look forward to updating this with your suggestions too. Many options are local to our San Jose location so please consider them as examples and research similar options where you live.

Local Farmers Markets

Local Farmers Markets

Your local farmers' market is a wonderful place to get out in your community or time to experience a neighboring town. They are primarily on weekends where you can pick up something in season to eat and flowers to brighten your home.

SOUTH BAY MARKETS: Palo Alto California Ave: SUN, 9a-1p ·Campbell: SUN, 9a-1p ·San Carlos: SUN, 9a-1p ·Santa Clara: SAT, 9a-1p ·Sunnyvale: SAT, 9a-1p ·Willow Glen: SAT, 9a-1p 

EAST BAY MARKETS: Old Oakland: FRI, 8a-2p ·Castro Valley: SAT, 9a-1p ·Montclair: SUN, 9a-1p ·Temescal: SUN, 9a-1p

Consider searching for "Farmers' Market Near Me" for one close to your area.

Get Out in Nature!

Get Out in Nature!

A walk in the park can do us all good or every around your neighborhood! There are organized hikes and nature talks that might interest you too. 

There is so much to do!  

We hope you get out and explore your local neighborhoods and towns near-by.  Every day is an opportunity to enjoy your journey! We are here to help you brainstorm ideas and add more fun into your financial plan!

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