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Don't have the time or interest to focus on your finances?  

This book is for you.

◽️Do you want to transition to a work-optional lifestyle, without sacrificing what you worked so hard to create? 

◽️Do you want to create a plan so you can do the things you’ve been putting off for years, and do them as soon as possible? 

◽️Are you looking for a plan to organize all the pieces of your life’s plan, so you can enjoy the journey? 

We believe you can retire with more clarity and confidence than you ever thought was possible.

If you've already won the game, it is important to create a plan for your goals and keep you a winner.

This book will provide a process to make smart decisions so you can do the things that are the most important to you and…


Begin Your Journey - Request and Download Our Free Workbook

This Workbook was designed to help you complete the exercises in the book.

You can download and print this Workbook and write your answers to the questions on the printed pages. You can also download and electronically save this workbook, and then complete the answers online using the text fillable boxes in the document.

As you read the book, we encourage you to stop at the end of each chapter and complete the questions using this Workbook, before going onto the next chapter. Take your time when answering these questions to really think through what is important to you.

This is your time to dream about your future, set goals and think big!


ELAINE MANLEY<br/>Founder &#38; Wealth Manager,&#160;<br/>CFP<sup>&#174;</sup> Professional<br/>

Founder & Wealth Manager, 
CFP® Professional

Elaine is a Wealth Manager with over three decades of experience. She founded Financial Journey Partners in 2018. Elaine is passionate about helping clients make smart decisions so they can achieve their goals and dreams. Equally important is helping clients enjoy the journey along the way. The Silicon Valley Business Journal selected Elaine as one of their 2022 Women of Influence. a CFP® professional.

SCOTT MANLEY<br/>Chief Investment Officer &#38; Wealth Manager<br/>CMFC<sup>&#174;</sup>, MBA<br/>

Chief Investment Officer & Wealth Manager

Scott has been in the financial industry since 2000. Scott is a Wealth Manager and he is also dedicated to helping his clients reach their goals. He is Chief Investment Officer, guiding the investment team using the FJP investment process. He also helps clients plan for long-term care by using various strategies and products. Before working in the financial industry, Scott worked for HP for 15 years. Scott has an MBA from the University of Wisconsin, Madison


There are important things to consider and plan when making such a major change in your life. The goal of this book is to share key learnings and wisdom from our many years of financial planning experience to help enrich your life and your retirement years. We want you to live the life of your dreams. We want you to achieve your goals and identify more than you ever considered possible. Think big! Dream big! Then create a plan to achieve it all. And remember, along the way, we encourage you to:

Enjoy the Journey - Successful Retirement Strategies and Stories


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Real Client Story | Better Work-Life Balance

How does a person know when it is the right time for them to retire?

Kristin was nearing the end of her career. She was full of energy and had a lot of expertise in her area. She was ready to travel more and wondered if it was the right time for her to retire.
By running the numbers in her financial plan, Kristin could see the financial impact if she retired now. Her financial plan showed her that she would have enough money for retirement, but she may not have as much cushion and extra money to do some of the things that were on her wish list for retirement. If she worked a little longer, she’d be able to do so much more.
In our strategy meetings, we looked at various scenarios and the best one was to reduce her hours but continue working a few more years at the same company. Kristin’s manager was very happy with her work and did not want to see her leave. Kristin talked with her manager about her proposal to work a few more years, but fewer hours, and Kristin’s manager agreed. It was a win-win situation. Kristin’s manager was able to retain a top worker for a few more years. Kristin was able to continue saving more for retirement, and she was able to travel more now while working fewer hours.
Kristin continued with her employer for the next few years, reducing her hours each year. By working a few more years, her financial plan’s probability of success increased to a much higher level. By having those extra hours, she learned to enjoy the journey, more than ever before. Earning income for just a few years longer made a significant difference and now she has confidently moved to her next phase of full retirement.

Work Less in the Same Industry

For people in engineering and managerial roles, there may be the option to leave their job and move to a consulting role. It may mean working as a consultant for the same company, or it could be that the contacts you’ve established in your current job allow you to work in a consulting role for many companies in your industry. The consulting role could provide you with the added flexibility to create your own customized work schedule. By having greater control over when you complete your work, you can decide when you want to enjoy activities like golfing, traveling, or any other pursuits of your choice. Instead of being tied to a rigid schedule imposed by someone else, you can manage your time. You can decide when, where, and how intensely you work. This will give you a greater sense of control and freedom in your daily life.


Delightfully Educational, Uplifting and Inspirational

Enjoy the Journey was such a delight to read! It was an uplifting, educational and sometimes entertaining explanation of how and why to think clearly about the future and retirement. I loved the real life examples used that brought the concepts to life. These authors really know how to help people determine what is best for their individual situations!

Feel Empowered and positive on this Journey!

"Financial Strategies and advice can be so intimidating, but not here! The ideas, thoughts and real stories really got me thinking of new ideas and steps that could be considered. It is a creative way to align your dreams and goals into a great life journey as it promised.

Once I completed some of the exercises, read through the ideas and the great personal stories, I thought of a lot of things differently. I felt more empowered and enjoyed the approach and suggestions. It is a short, clear book (NOT intimidating like many can be) that has enlightened me to consider various smart paths to get to that retirement and enjoy the retirement in a fulfilling way."

Enjoy the Journey, unique approach to a complex topic

The book is a great read with a very personable tone, keen insights, thought provoking questions and what I perceive to be values based advice. Think this is a great resource for anyone contemplating a non-work phase of life.

I loved Chapter 5 about Relationships!

I resonated with this chapter because it is something I am putting energy into on a day-to-day basis. I liked the fact that it discussed relationships with pets because they are also a part of the family unit. I also really enjoyed the portion on Grandkids, found it very relatable to my life!


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Successful Retirement Strategies and Stories

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