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Enjoying the Journey - November 2019

Enjoying The Journey - November 2019

Welcome to the November 2019 edition of the Enjoying The Journey Newsletter. 

In this edition of our newsletter you will learn about:

  • Annual Client Survey - Watch Your Email!
  • Stock Market Q&A Seminar on November 20
  • Stock Market Commentary
  • eMoney Tip: Using Your Vault with Your Estate Attorney or Tax Preparer
  • The Importance of Keeping Your Estate Plan Updated
  • Another Fantastic Client Appreciation Party
  • Our 1st Annual Photo Contest Winners!
  • 2020 Upcoming Events - Save the Dates

If there is anything we can do to help you, please call at 408-963-2858, or contact your advisior or anyone on the Financial Journey team directly. 

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Annual Client Survey - Watch Your Email!

Our annual client survey will be emailed to you in November. This is your opportunity to tell us what events you would like to attend next year.

By completing the survey, this lets us know who to invite first when we hold an event. It also tells us what topics you would like to learn more about.

We really appreciate you taking a few minutes to answer this short survey.

Stock Market Q&A Seminar on November 20

This has been a year full of headline news. Federal Reserve changing interest rates, trade wars, impeachment hearings. Are we headed towards recession?

Come and hear the data of what is really happening, beneath the noise of the daily headlines at our Stock Market Q&A Seminar.
Date:  Wednesday, November 20, 2019
Time:  6 pm to 7:30 pm
Place: Financial Journey Partners Office

Dinner and time to network, will be provided from 5-6 pm.

Learn more and RSVP

Stock Market Update

Stock Market Update

Market reached an all-time high this year at the end of April.  Since then, the market has been moving up and down 5-10%, and is barely  higher than the end of April as we get to the end of October.  The Federal Reserve moved to help support the economy with 0.25% reductions in the Federal Funds interest rate in July and September.  Many are expecting another interest rate cut in late October.  They have also been increasing the size of their balance sheet by purchasing short term bonds to help stimulate the economy. 

The talks with China about a trade deal have been up and down, sending the markets up and down as each comment or new development is announced.  If we look at the economy, there are many signs that things are slowing. US GDP, corporate profits, corporate spending and manufacturing are slowing. Consumer spending and housing (boosted by lower mortgage rates due to the lowering of the Fed Funds interest rate) have so far helped to keep the US economy strong. 

The question many are asking is whether the slowing will continue and will that drive us into recession in 2020, prior to the election.  Only time will tell.  In the meantime, we have positioned the portfolios to try to participate in upward movement but also somewhat defensively in case things unwind more quickly.

You can find our monthly commentary on the stock market on our website  If you would like to get this commentary emailed to you monthly, contact Arielle or your advisor and we will add you to the distribution list.

eMoney Tip: Using Your Vault with Your Estate Attorney or Tax Preparer

A very valuable feature in your client portal is the ability to create a folder that you and your advisor can access and share only that folder in a secure way with your Estate Attorney or Tax Preparer.

That makes sharing documents with these professionals fast, easy and secure.
See your advisor to set up this feature in your vault.

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The Importance of Keeping Your Estate Plan Updated

It is very important to regularly update your estate plan! We run into situations where there are serious issues with people’s estate plans.

Some issues can result in minor inconveniences. Others can create huge problems.

An estate plan that was carefully and thoughtfully created over time may have elements that are no longer appropriate.

Read our Blog to see some examples of issues that can occur in an estate plan over time that may need to be updated and corrected.

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A Fantastic Client Appreciation Party at Clos LaChance Winery

We thank all our clients who joined us for a magical evening at the beautiful Clos LaChance winery in San Martin. It had the beauty of Napa Valley, but was in our own backyard.
The photographer did a great job of capturing the evening. The photos are now available.
We are really glad you are partnering with us on your financial journey.

View Photos

Our 1st Annual Photo Contest Winners Announced

We had lots of great photos submitted for the categories of family, hobbies and travel. We are excited to share the winners with you.
View the Photo Contest Winners for Travel, Hobbies and Family!
We had so many great photos submitted in the Travel category that we had 2020 calendars printed for everyone using the 12 best travel photos. You can pick your calendar in our office or we will mail them to people who live out of town.

See Winning Photos

2020 Upcoming Events - Save the Dates

Save the dates for our early 2020 Events:

2/12/20       Ballot Measures Lunch and Learn

3/05/20       Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Tour with Lunch & Transportation

5/07/20       Stock Market Update

Check in with your advisor with your interest and watch your email for specifics.

Upcoming Events

Our Team

We wanted to remind everyone of the responsibilities of each of our team members, and who you can call if you have questions. Call any of us directly whenever you have a question.

Elaine Manley, Financial Advisor:  408-963-2854
Scott Manley, Financial Advisor:  408-963-2855
Linda Tjiputra, Financial Advisor:  408-963-2896
Ingalill Skoogh, Client Services:  408-963-2858 (Scheduling appointments, helping with any service issues)
Arielle Rowe, Marketing Events Manager:  408-963-2889 (RSVP and any questions about events, creating account forms)
Jennifer Michaelsen, Financial Planning Analyst:  408-963-2884 (Financial planning, supporting the Client Portals and insurance analysis)
Flavio Pando, Jr, Investment Analyst:  408-963-2877 (Placing trades, researching investments, answering questions about the market)
Lynne Houghton, Social Media & Marketing:  408-963-0242, Working Fridays only

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