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Financial Beginnings

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Teaching young adults about a wide range of concepts that are important to build financial literacy

Financial Beginnings is a program that is an additional benefit to our clients to teach their young adults about money, savings and investing, to start their financial journey on the right path.

The important concepts about money are often not taught in schools.  This program will teach young adults about a wide range of concepts that are important to build financial literacy.

Articles, videos and interactive calculators about a wide range of financial topics are included.

Topics covered in this program include:

  • Creating a personal budget

  • The importance of starting to save when you are young

  • Principles of investing

  • Types of retirement savings accounts

  • Important activities to complete at major life events

  • The basics of life insurance

  • Starting your first job

  • Setup and using your personal financial portal

Each person who enrolls in this program will get their own, personalized, comprehensive financial portal to track their accounts, spending and progress towards their financial goals.

Financial Beginnings members receive their own personalized, comprehensive financial portal

Everyone Starts Somewhere!

Everyone Starts Somewhere!

Financial literacy often comes after a few stumbles. It's normal, but we want to help our client youth off to an easier start. Their dreams should not be hampered by mistakes that could have been avoided with a little more knowledge.

This service includes:

  • Up to 3 hours of financial education by a financial advisor
  • Setup and use of a personal financial portal
  • Connect your financial accounts
  • Ability to monitor expenses and transactions
  • Support of the financial portal for a year

Program costs $1000 and additional service beyond those listed above are at an additional cost.

Download the Financial Beginnings Service Flyer and discuss the service with your Wealth Manager. We want to help your greatest investment - your kids - get off to a good start. 

Contact your Wealth Manager today to enroll your young adult in this program!

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