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Comprehensive Financial Planning

We believe that financial planning is a lifelong process based on your needs, values and personalized goals.

The financial planning process can guide you through the four basic “life cycle phases” that are the accumulation phase, pre-retirement phase, retirement phase and legacy phase.

When we work with you to create your personalized financial plan, it is like putting together the different pieces of a puzzle to make them all fit together properly.  

Elements of Your Financial Plan

Elements of Your Financial Plan

  • Financial Goal Setting – to define your financial and personal goals
  • Cash Flow Analysis - to create a personal budget
  • Retirement Savings Planning – to see if you are on track to retire at your preferred age, with a strategy tailored to your situation
  • Retirement Income Planning – to create a plan to draw income from your assets in retirement
  • Asset Allocation -  to determine the appropriate investment allocation based on your risk tolerance, objectives, etc.
  • Goal Funding -  investing money for your personal goals
  • Education Funding – to determine a strategy to invest  for your child’s education
  • Life Insurance – to determine the amount and type of policy for your personal situation
  • Planning for Long Term Care – to develop a plan to handle the potential cost of long term care
  • Estate Review – to discuss your current estate, including various existing estate planning techniques and strategies

- Asset allocation is an investment strategy that attempts to manage risk within your portfolio but it does not guarantee profits or protect against loss in declining markets.
- Financial Journey Partners, nor any of its members, is an estate attorney, and do not provide legal advice.  For legal advice, please contact your legal professional.