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Our decades of experience enables us to continually improve our investment process to align with current market conditions and the evolving world around us. We have managed investments for our clients through bull and bear markets. This includes the 1987 market correction, the 2000-2002 Dotcom years, the 2008-2009 Financial Crisis, and the 2020 Pandemic. This gives us the experience to guide our clients through the ups and downs of future markets.

Who We Are:

We are Fiduciaries

Our advisors are fiduciaries. That means we are ethically bound to act in our client’s best interest.

Decades of Experience

We use fundamental and technical analysis tools, plus our decades of experience, to build portfolios for our clients.

Investments We Use:

Liquid Investments

We only use stocks, exchange traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds from well respected investment companies. These investments are liquid every day to buy and sell.

View Investments 24/7

You can see your investments in your personal client portal. You can also look up the investments with ticker symbols every day on the internet. 

Trusted Custodian

We use Fidelity as the custodian for client accounts since many clients use Fidelity for their 401ks at work and it is a company they know, like and trust.

How We Invest:

Portfolios Designed for You

We ask our clients a series of questions to understand their risk tolerance so we can work together to select the investments that you can feel are appropriate for you.

Active Management

We actively manage your investments in a discretionary manner. We are not a buy-and-hold firm and we will actively look for opportunities, as well as do our best to preserve what you have accumulated.

We Manage the Assets for You

Some advisors have outside vendors manage the portfolios for their clients. We personally manage your assets ourselves to ensure they are consistent with the your goals and risk tolerances and change to match market conditions over time.

Stress Tested Portfolios

We use tools to back test portfolios to look at historical past returns. We also have tools to stress test looking forward using factors such as interest rates, inflation, recessions, housing, and geopolitical events to build and optimize client portfolios.

Experienced Investment Management You Can Trust

We directly manage investments for you to preserve and grow what you’ve accumulated so you can maintain your lifestyle and live a life of significance.

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