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Near or In Retirement

People Face Many Important Decisions When They Retire That Include:

People Face Many Important Decisions When They Retire That Include:

  • When can I afford to retire?
  • How do I create monthly income to pay my living expenses?
  • When should I start Social Security?
  • Should I sell my home and move to an area where it is cheaper to live?
  • Investing my retirement savings to grow, but have some protection against a significant market correction.

In recent years the attitudes about retirement are shifting.

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We Provide the Solutions and Services Uniquely designed to Help People with Retirement

  • Comprehensive financial planning that includes retirement planning.
  • Savings planning
  • Distribution planning
  • Social Security withdrawal analysis
  • Retirement scenario analysis
  • Pension Analysis
  • Planning for long term care

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Resources for Retirement

Resources for Retirement

Our retirement resources can help you get ready for retirement:

  • The Pre-Retirement Checklist
  • Eight Mistakes That Can Upend your Retirement
  • Rightsizing for Retirement
  • Retirement Traps to Avoid
  • Healthcare Costs in Retirement
  • The SECURE Act
  • 5 Benefits of Working in Retirement
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Client Journeys

Retirement Investment Client JourneysA married couple lived in Silicon Valley. The husband was working at a large high-tech company. His boss had been giving him a rough time and he was no longer enjoying his job. Completing a financial plan allowed him to see that he could retire whenever he wanted to retire.

They were able to buy a home outside of Silicon Valley that they love, so they can live the type of life in retirement that they had always dreamed of living. Having a financial advisor they can rely on, and to whom they can ask all types of financial questions helped them to achieve their dream.

Retirement Planning Client Journey

A married couple both had professional jobs in Silicon Valley. They retired several years ago and have been enjoying their retirement by seeing the world. Having done financial planning for many years, they have a good understanding of how much they can spend including traveling. It is important to have a financial advisor that helps keep them organized and is watching out for them while they are traveling.

For example, they got a call from their financial advisor after the passing of the SECURE Act to suggest that they should review the beneficiaries for their retirement accounts, since parts of this law could have unintended consequences if a trust was a beneficiary. They use their personalized client portal to review their accounts, monitor their spending and have access to important documents from anywhere in the world.

The stories provided are representative of client experiences to illustrate the services provided by Financial Journey Partners.
These stories do not reflect specific opinions or endorsements of any clients and should not be interpreted as such.

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