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2022 Reflections

2022 Reflections

December 29, 2022

When we look back at 2022, we will remember this as a year with some difficult challenges, as well as some significant successes. This has been a very rocky year for investors, as 2022 was a bear market in stocks, with the major indexes falling more than 20 percent and some large, well-known companies seeing their stock fall by more than 50%. Bonds had one of their worst years in the last 100 years and did not provide the diversification and balance they normally do while stocks were going down.

On the positive side, 2022 was the year that put most of the challenges of the COVID pandemic behind us. While people are still getting COVID, many are finding it is milder and people have been able to return to do most of the things they enjoy. People resumed traveling to their favorite places all around the world and employees started returning to work in their offices.

Thank you for letting us be your partners in your financial journey. Let’s make 2023 an even better year!

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As a new year is on the horizon, it is a good time to refresh goals and reflect on the past year. We could say that 2022 has been a year of renewal with wonderful post-COVID reunions, travel, and greater connection. World news, the economy and financial markets have presented challenges for sure, but our experience has been extremely valuable to help us guide our clients through these turbulent markets.

2022 Financial Journey Partners Highlights

  • FJP celebrated its 4th anniversary and Elaine was recognized in the class of 2022 Women of Influence in Silicon Valley!
  • We enjoyed the edition of two part-time interns during the year, expanded our professional network and Ben Manley joined the FJP Team!
  • Delivered our two-part “Strategies for Aging Family Members” webinar series sharing insights from the Alzheimer’s Association, Estate Planning, Professional Fiduciary and Senior Resources and Home Care solutions
  • Hosted state of the economy and mid-year economic update webinars, including engagement of industry experts
  • Introduced several original blog articles and newsletters to help all stay up to date on the economy and markets, including stock market volatility, housing bubbles, bear market rallies, I bonds, recession signals, inflation, the Fed and more!
  • Enjoyed 100’s of your photos contributed to the FJP 2022 Photo Contest and saw the evidence of how you explored new places!
  • Our San Jose Metro Plaza office completed construction resulting in a beautiful new lobby, conference center, gym, and campus grounds where we hosted our 2022 Happy Hour Event announcing the Photo Contest Winners and enjoying your company on-site
  • We loved having you back in the office with us and hearing your stories of visiting family and friends, travelling to amazing places and reconnecting locally. Our team enjoyed some travel too and we all got to enjoy the journey a bit more!
  • Thrilled to host our FJP Holiday Client Appreciation In-Person Event overlooking downtown San Jose at the Silicon Valley Capital Club. It was wonderful to be together and kick off the holiday season together!

We also celebrated several of you successfully transitioning into retirement, meeting personal goals, and addressing challenges, as well as growing your families and being there to help you through loss too. Everyone takes a unique path, and we are honored to have been your partner in your journey.

Market Recap of 2022 Economy and Stock Market

2022 Economic & Stock Market Recap

2022 has been a difficult year in many ways for investors. It was a hard year for stocks, with the S&P 500 dropping 27% to hit a low on October 12, 2022. There were three rallies over 10% - yet so far, after each rally, the market has turned down to reach new lows. In our recent blog we will share our recap of the year and our thoughts as we exit 2022.

We remain defensive with client portfolios, since we think there is a high possibility of recession in 2023 and that could drive the U.S. stock market even lower. A bear market is not a buy and hold kind of a market but there are still opportunities, and we will make tactical moves to buy and sell where we see opportunities.

READ our full 2022 Economic & Stock Market Recap

If you have questions on how the topics in this article could impact your portfolio, give your Wealth Manager a call to discuss.

State of the Economy Webinar on February 16, 2023

Start off 2023 informed and join our webinar on February 16, 2023 at noon Pacific, to discuss the State of the Economy. We are excited to have our special guest speaker, Gargi Pal Chaudhuri, who is Head of iShares Investment Strategy at BlackRock.

BlackRock is the largest asset manager on the planet, with over $8 trillion in assets under management. She will share what BlackRock sees for the economy in 2023, including if they see the US going into recession in 2023.

We hope you can attend and can share this event with your family, friends and colleagues. Learn more and register here. All are welcome to attend!


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