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2023 FJP Photo Contest Winners

2023 FJP Photo Contest Winners

October 19, 2023

We thank everyone who submitted photos for the 2023 FJP Photo Contest. We had 360 photos submitted this year, more than in previous years, by a significant amount. The photos submitted again this year were stunning. We have all the submitted photos playing on the TV in front of our office. With so many beautiful photos, it was difficult to select the five finalists in each category.

Again, this year, we separated the photos into three categories:  Nature, Animals, and Other. The FJP team selected the five finalists in each of the three categories. A survey was then emailed to all clients with the five finalist photos in each category and our clients selected the winning photo in each of the three categories. The finalists received a $25 Amazon gift card, and the winners received a $100 Amazon gift card.

Animals Category

The five finalist photos in the Animals category included various animals, including some rare and exotic animals.

2023 FJP Photo Contest Finalists - Animals Category

The 2023 FJP Photo Contest Animals Category Finalists Were:

  • Nyla Bull Scratching Ear, South Africa – Melinda B.
  • Bald Eagle, Whitefish, Montana – Rob F.
  • Seals, Galopogos Islands – Cheryl M.
  • King Penguins, South Georgia Island – Colleen M.
  • Monkey, Gibraltar, UK – Norine M.

With 43% of the vote, the winning photo was King Penguins on South Georgia Island. Congratulations Colleen.

Other Category

The five finalist photos in the Other category included beautiful and interesting buildings and places worldwide.

2023 FJP Photo Contest Finalists - Other Category

The 2023 FJP Photo Contest Other Category Finalists Were:

  • National Palace, Sintra – Tracie D.
  • Upside Down Trees, Juneau, Alaska – Fran G.
  • Hobbit House, New Zealand – Nikki M.
  • Sensoria, Paso Robles, California – Eileen S.
  • Plaza de España, Seville, Spain – Rob F.

With 38% of the vote, the winning photo was Sensoria in Paso Robles. Congratulations Eileen.

Nature Category

The five finalist photos in the Nature contest included photos from beautiful places on three different continents.

2023 FJP Photo Contest Finalists - Nature Category

The 2023 FJP Photo Contest Nature Category Finalists Were:

  • Ketchikan, Alaska – Melissa B.
  • Twelve Apostles, Victoria, Australia – Nicole G.
  • Kaanapali Beach Sunset, Maui, Hawaii – Cindy H.
  • Bryce Canyon, Utah – Suzzane Lloyd
  • Sintra, Portugal – Rosalia M.

With 35% of the vote, the winning photo was Kaanapali Beach Sunset in Maui. Congratulations Cindy. As a bonus for winning the Nature category, we will place Cindy’s beautiful photo of the Kaanapali Beach Sunset on the wall in our conference room. We will also be mailing a large canvas of the photo to Cindy to hang on her wall at home.

2024 Desktop Calendar

As we have in past years, we selected 12 beautiful photos from the nature category for the 2024 desktop calendar.

We will be mailing the calendars to all our clients in November.

Congratulations to All!

Congratulations again to the Winners and Finalists in this year’s FJP 2023 photo contest. Thanks again to everyone who submitted photos during this year’s photo contest. Remember to keep taking lots of great photos and submit them during the 2024 FJP Photo Contest, which will be from Memorial Day to Labor Day next year. Through your photos, we can see how all of you are “Enjoying the Journey.”


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