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Use the Vault to Manage Your Financial Planning Documents and More

Your Personal Vault

Your Personal Vault

This is a space where you can safely and securely store the documents of significance in your life. What happens if you lose your driver's license or passport when you travel? It can remove the worry of finding your marriage license, deed to your house or title on your car. It is also the perfect place for a copy of your estate plan.

The Vault is your private digital repository, but it can also be used to share documents with Financial Journey Partners as well as other partners you designate. You can have multiple folders to organize and ensure only the representatives you trust have access to what they need and allow you to productively work together.

In times of emergency it can also provide peace of mind to know you have access to what you need while you stay safe.

Using the Vault

Using the Vault

The Vault is a safe and secure place for you to find the monthly Brokerage Account Documents and Orion Quarterly Performance statements.

We recommend you create a folders for personal documents, such as Driver’s License, Passport and credit cards so you have easy access especially when traveling or in emergency situations. Your home insurance, photos and videos of your home are also good to store in your personal vault.

  • Use the "My Private Documents" folder for any document you want exclusively view-able by you only, but not your Advisor or our team. You'll find some starter folders there and you can create your own.
  • Use the "Shared Documents" folder, for items you want to share with us. Our team can also upload and download documents to share with you here. such as forms to sign and PDFs of your financial plan.
  • Specific documents can also be tagged by us to be shared with your alliance partners like your attorney or accountant.
Your Personal Financial Website

Your Personal Financial Website

The Vault allows your family to locate your most important files such as tax returns, estate plans, passports and birth certificates. All in a secure digital document storage repository.

Using the Vault, you and your advisor can exchange confidential documents, collaborate on financial plans, and share personal data easily and securely. 

It is also located right where you are managing your budget, spending and investments. 

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