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Locate Your Tax Documents in Your Vault

Locate Your Tax Documents in Your Vault

Tax time is here and so are your Fidelity tax documents. For your convenience we have placed your 2021 tax documents in your personal FJP Client Portal Vault.

A few reminders for you:

  • Each individual will need to access their personal Client Portal Vault to obtain their own documents pertaining to their Social#
  • You can access your Fidelity account directly to reference the same tax documents 
  • We can assist you with providing access to your documents to your personal tax professional, with your permission

Please refer to the "Step by Step Instructions to Locate Your Fidelity Tax Documents" below with specific guidance to access your documents in your Client Portal Vault. 

You can find your tax documents by navigating directly to the following folder:
Files > Brokerage Account Documents > Tax Documents > 2021

Step by Step Instructions to Locate Your Fidelity Tax Documents

Step by Step Instructions to Locate Your Fidelity Tax Documents

STEP 1: Click on Client Login Button from FJP Home Page

STEP 2: Access Your Client Portal

STEP 3: Sign Into Your Client Portal

STEP 4: Select the Vault from the Main Menu

STEP 5: Open the Brokerage Account Documents Folder

STEP 6: Open the Tax Documents Folder

STEP 7: Open the 2021 Folder

STEP 8: Open Your Personal Documents

Additional Notes

Working with a Tax Professional

We have partnered with many of the tax professionals for our clients so they can access your tax documents in your vault. Talk with your Wealth Manager if you have questions about how we can work with your tax professional and make it easier for you to complete your 2021 taxes.

Using Turbo Tax

If you are preparing your own taxes using Turbo Tax, remember that you can download your account data directly from Fidelity into TurboTax. When setting the financial institution, select Fidelity and use your username and password, not your FJP Client Portal.

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