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Our Services

We start by talking with our clients to get a deeper understanding of their goals and dreams. We use comprehensive financial planning and advanced planning to guide our clients on their financial journey. A wide range of products and services are used to implement these plans. We also work with a network of carefully selected professionals and coordinate the activities of this extended team to provide the services needed by our clients. To learn more about Financial Journey Partners visit our FAQ page.

Advice and Coaching for Each Phase of Your Financial Journey

Wealth Management Services Customized to Your Needs

Comprehensive Financial Planning

▯ Financial Goal Setting
▯ Goal Funding
▯ Net Worth Review
▯ Cash Flow Analysis
▯ Retirement Planning
- Savings planning
- Distribution planning
- Social Security withdrawal analysis
- Retirement scenario analysis
- Pension analysis
▯ Life Planning
- Birth of a Child
- Divorce
- Survivor
- Employment Change
▯ Large Purchase Consulting
▯ Financial Beginnings
(financial education for
young adults)
▯ Education Planning

Risk Management & Insurance

▯ Emergency Reserves
▯ Risk Tolerance Analysis
▯ Life Insurance Analysis
- Temporary vs Permanent
- Type of Life Insurance
- Amount of Life Insurance
▯ Life Insurance Policies
- Term Insurance
- Whole Life
- Index Universal Life
▯ Survivor Planning
▯ Long Term Care Planning & Insurance
▯ Medicare Supplement Insurance
▯ Employee Benefit Review


▯ Active Management of Assets
- Asset Allocation
- Investment Selection
- Socially Responsible
Investments (ESG)
- Organizing and Simplifying Investments
▯ Retirement Accounts
- Traditional IRAs
- Roth IRAs
- Beneficiary IRAs
▯ Non-Retirement Accounts
▯ Required Minimum Distribution
▯ Monthly Contributions and Distributions
▯ Stock Options, Restricted Stock Units Analysis and Strategy
▯ Income Generation
- Income models
- Annuities

Estate & Tax Coordination

▯ Coordination with Estate Planning Attorney so you complete:
- Wills
- Power of Attorney
- Beneficiary Review
- Asset Titling
- Wealth Transfer
- Trusts
- Health Directive
- Secure Vault to Share Documents
▯ Coordination with CPA
- Secure Vault to Share Documents
- Tax Planning to Diversify Company Stock

A Client Experience You Can Trust

We believe that each client is unique and should have a comprehensive financial plan that is customized to their goals and the future they envision. 

We genuinely value getting to know you and forming a sense of community with all our clients. We develop deep client relationships that extend beyond just meeting in the office to discuss your investments. We see ourselves as your trusted advisor and recognize that the purpose of our financial advice is to enable you to make smart choices and focus on what is most important to you.

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